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Mar. 9 2011
OPPO Marks the Beginning of a New Era with the Rollout of a Complete Product Line of AccuTex at ARAB 2011
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UAE, Dubai

-Seattle, USA- OPPO Medical INC., the leading medical support provider of Orthopedic Supports, Footcare & Insoles, and Compression Stockings, officially launched the complete product line of AccuTexTM at ARAB 2011 - the Middle East's largest healthcare tradeshows. OPPO marked the occasion by welcoming distributors, wholesalers, and medical professionals worldwide, to preview its sophisticated product.

“Launching a whole new product line of AccuTexTM within Orthopedic Supports Series is a breakthrough for OPPO.” said Jackson, President and Chief Executive Officer. “At the same time, we recognize that AccuTexTM is a promise to our customers in a vision of the future designed to demonstrate what the products means by its tagline “Activate your motion with confidence.”

Jackson stated that, “AccuTexTM is a reminder to all of us at OPPO that our daily goal is to exceed patients’ expectation, both in what we produce and how quickly we respond to changes and demand.”

With Rigid Braces being the leading force, and other orthopedic supports as the core offering, OPPO introduced its complete product line with a wide range of support levels from preventive, essential, functional and controlled level for the different stages of recovery. No matter what the level of protection patients need, OPPO provides a full selection of supports for medical professionals who prefer to offer supports that have a better fit and therapeutic effect.

In addition, OPPO presented the future concept of Footcare & Insoles with a focus on products for specific conditions, and on adopting special material. OPPO’s approach, combining the advantages of developing and manufacturing capability, makes it a brand that customers rely on.

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About OPPO Medical Inc..

Established in Seattle Washington in 1997, OPPO Medical has built a powerful network of affiliate companies in America and Asia, has more than 70 distributors worldwide. We continue to use technology to streamline manufacturing processes and to foster networking communication for our distributors worldwide. We are expanding the frontiers of orthopedic medicine with innovative materials and designs, and a holistic approach to wellness.