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Nov. 29 2010
OPPO Medical Unveiled New AccuTex™ Products at MEDICA 2010
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Düsseldorf, Germany

-Seattle, USA- OPPO Medical INC., the leading medical support provider of Orthopedic Supports, Footcare & Insoles, and Compression Stockings, unveiled new AccuTex™ products at MEDICA 2010 - the world’s largest healthcare exhibition. The product line unveiled includes advanced high-stabilization braces, the 2952 Tri-fend Lumbar Secure and 2951 Lumbar Dual Secure. OPPO also introduced to the public for the first time were the 2970 Shoulder Activator and 2903 Ankle Activator.

“As our continuous effort to research and develop new technology for improving rehabilitation, OPPO successfully combines advanced 3D knitting process with medical know-how to develop the latest braces of AccuTex™. This achievement demonstrates that we have reached another milestone in setting a higher standard of orthopedic supports for the healthcare market.” said Jackson, President and Chief Executive Officer of OPPO. “This creative knitting concept makes AccuTex™ more than just a treatment modality; it is the course to help people regain their healthy life.”

The complete line of AccuTex™ includes 12 items with a selection of different therapy applications from primary to advanced condition. They offer different degrees of immobilization to meet individual patient’s requirements. In contrast to conventional production processes, AccuTex™ adopts advanced 3D knitting technology enabling improvements of muscular performance and therapeutic effect while increasing wearing comfort.

Rigid Braces were the leading feature at Medica 2010. The 3131 Secure-pro Knee Brace and 3132 Tri-point OA Stabilizer were honored with red dot design award in the Product Design category. This recognition reflects OPPO’s dedication to provide patients with a better protection by combining intelligent features and functionality with exceptional design.

At MEDICA 2010, OPPO unveiled its vision for the future of Footcare & Insoles, one that incorporates not only daily protection, pain relief and posture alignment, but also a focus on rehabilitation of specific conditions such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet and diabetic foot.

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About OPPO Medical Inc..

Established in Seattle Washington in 1997, OPPO Medical has built a powerful network of affiliate companies in the US and Asia, and has more than 70 distributors worldwide. We continue to use technology to streamline manufacturing processes and to foster networking communication for our distributors worldwide. We are expanding the frontiers of orthopedic medicine with innovative materials and designs, and a holistic approach to wellness.