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Apr. 25 2011
OPPO at China International Medicinal Equipment Fair 2011
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Location: Shenzhen, China
Date: 16-19, April, 2011
Booth: Hall 9 / G56  
 - OPPO Medical Inc. Seattle, WA. USA participated in CMEF, the largest medical exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region on April 2011 in Shenzhen, a major city in Southern China.

Unveiling of the Latest Products with Complete Product Lines
With AccuTex being the leading edge, and orthopedic as the core offering, OPPO’  unveiled the new products - AccuTex Series, 3131 Secure-Pro Knee Brace and 5466 Plantar Fasciitis Reliever - to the medical equipment and accessories market in China for the first time.  

“Activate Your Motion with Confidence” is the concept of AccuTex series, combining advanced knitting technology and professional medical know-how in an effort to provide better quality of support and best therapeutic effect for patients. Meanwhile, other long-established product lines of Orthopedic Supports, Footcare & Insoles and Compression Stockings were also highlighted in the exhibit.  Among a wide variety of products, Compression Stockings got the most attention of the attendees.

OPPO BAND and MAXTAPING Live Demonstration
In order to engage the consumers in China market in this special occasion, OPPO hosted a live demonstration using the OPPO BAND and MAXTAPING to give the visitors an opportunity for hands-on participation. The visitors got to try on OPPO’s latest rehabilitation products, and find out how they differ from the conventional rehabilitation equipments. In the meantime, OPPO’s Physical therapists were on hand to provide one-on-one teaching and basic application instruction with a free sample, so the participants could practice even after they leave the show.

Great Feedback from Valuable Visitors
The brilliant showcase and
exceptionally high quality of OPPO’s products caught the visitors’ attention.  “We had numerous potential customers visiting our booth. The fast growing Chinese market is now providing great opportunities to the medical industry, and our goal is to become the market leader in the near future while providing fine products to consumers and promoting a healthy lifestyle concept.” said Long, general manager of OPPO Shanghai office.

“We have captured the key developments and trends in the field which reflects the increasing concentration on technologies and product design. We are convinced that OPPO is on the right track . We will continue to strive on product innovation and development." he added

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About OPPO Medical Inc.
Established in Seattle Washington in 1997, OPPO Medical has built a powerful network of affiliate companies in the US and Asia, and has more than 70 distributors worldwide. We continue to use technology to streamline manufacturing processes and to foster networking communication for our distributors worldwide. We are expanding the frontiers of orthopedic medicine with innovative materials and designs, and a holistic approach to wellness.

About CMEF
China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) is the largest exhibition of medical equipment, related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region. This year, more than 650,000 people from China and 100 other countries visited the fair, and more than 2,100 exhibitors participated in the show.