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The ankle joint consists of the tibiofibular, talocrural and subtalar joints. The tibiofibular joint is connected by the anterior tibiofibular, posterior tibiofibular, inferior transverse ligament and interosseous membrane. The talocrural joint located between the talus, the medial malleolus of the distal tibia, and lateral malleolus of the distal fibula. The subtalar joint is an articulation between the talus and calcaneus. The medial ligament complex consisting of the tibionavicular, tibiocalcanean, posterior tibiotalar and anterior tibiotalar ligaments is very strong. The lateral side has several separated ligaments, including the anterior talofibular, calcaneofibular, posterior talofibular ligament. The key muscles surrounding the ankle are peroneal muscles (longus and brevis), triceps surae, and anterior / posterior tibialis.
Soft orthopedic

  • May be used for either therapeutic of prophylactic support of the ankle.
  • May be indicated for treatment of sprains, teodonitis.
  • Provides resistance to inversion and eversion and controls rotational sprains.
  • Spring stays supports distribute pressure without discomfort.
  • Easy lace-up application eliminates tedious taping.
  • May be used for left or right foot.

  • Insert foot into the support and position heel in the heel locking area.
  • Be sure each two stays are on each size of ankle, then lace up the support tightly.

  • Ankle sprain
  • Ankle instability


According to the shoe size.

FIBER CONTENTS 50% Cotton, 40% Polyester, 10% Rubber