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The ankle joint consists of the tibiofibular, talocrural and subtalar joints. The tibiofibular joint is connected by the anterior tibiofibular, posterior tibiofibular, inferior transverse ligament and interosseous membrane. The talocrural joint located between the talus, the medial malleolus of the distal tibia, and lateral malleolus of the distal fibula. The subtalar joint is an articulation between the talus and calcaneus. The medial ligament complex consisting of the tibionavicular, tibiocalcanean, posterior tibiotalar and anterior tibiotalar ligaments is very strong. The lateral side has several separated ligaments, including the anterior talofibular, calcaneofibular, posterior talofibular ligament. The key muscles surrounding the ankle are peroneal muscles (longus and brevis), triceps surae, and anterior / posterior tibialis.

  • The butterfly shaped pad is anatomically designed to fit the Achilles tendon and provide support during motions.
  • The concentric ripples on the pad provide intermittent compression, like a massaging effect, to effectively reduce edema, relieve spasm and speed up the recovery process.
  • Adjustable crisscross straps control the range of foot plantarflexion to shorten Achilles tendon to relieve pain and inflammation.
  • CoolPrene® material provides shock absorption, dynamic compression and better breathability on the injured ankle over prolonged use. Experience the superior comfort of CoolPrene® brace for stabilization or for injury prevention.

  • Open the brace and place the pad under the sole to insert your foot through the brace.
  • Pull the lower straps. Make sure the pad is correctly positioned below the anklebone.
  • Plantar flex your foot and secure the upper closure.
  • Keep your foot in this position and pull the lower straps across the back of the brace. Fasten the straps on both sides of the lower leg.
  • Make sure the brace is positioned correctly, below the anklebone.

  • Achilles bursitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Post-operative use


Measure circumference just above ankle bone.

15.6 - 20.6 cm (6 1/8 - 8 1/8")
20.6 - 25.7 cm (8 1/8 - 10 1/8")
25.7 - 30.8 cm (10 1/8 - 12 1/8")
30.8 - 35.9 cm (12 1/8 - 14 1/8")
FIBER CONTENTS 50% Neoprene, 30% Coolprene®, 10% TPE, 10% Stretch Nylon