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The ankle joint consists of the tibiofibular, talocrural and subtalar joints. The tibiofibular joint is connected by the anterior tibiofibular, posterior tibiofibular, inferior transverse ligament and interosseous membrane. The talocrural joint located between the talus, the medial malleolus of the distal tibia, and lateral malleolus of the distal fibula. The subtalar joint is an articulation between the talus and calcaneus. The medial ligament complex consisting of the tibionavicular, tibiocalcanean, posterior tibiotalar and anterior tibiotalar ligaments is very strong. The lateral side has several separated ligaments, including the anterior talofibular, calcaneofibular, posterior talofibular ligament. The key muscles surrounding the ankle are peroneal muscles (longus and brevis), triceps surae, and anterior / posterior tibialis.
4 Way Stretch Knitting

  • Four way stretch material construction for comfort and flexibility.

  • Helps relieve pain resulting from ankle injury or weakness.

  • Meticulous binding holds brace securely to prevent loosening.

  • Grasp top of support using both hands, one on each side. Insert foot through support and pull up to ankle.

  • Heel should be placed in heel locking area.

    ˇ° After you complete the wearing instructions, the OPPO logo location may vary depending on your body shape or the side of wearing.

  • This product supports weak ankle and improves movement control. The knit support also helps retain body heat and increase circulation. The breathable material can keep body dry and comfortable in daily use.


Measure around ankle joint just above anklebone.

15.6 - 21.0 cm (6 1/8 - 8 1/4")
21.0 - 26.0 cm (8 1/4 - 10 1/4")
26.0 - 31.1 cm (10 1/4 - 12 1/4")
31.1 - 36.2 cm (12 1/4 - 14 1/4")
FIBER CONTENTS 67% Nylon, 22% Polyester, 11% Elastane