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The wrist joint is a complex structure, consisting of eight carpal bones and the distal part of the ulnar and radial bones. These are the radiocarpal and midcarpal joints. The ulnar bone doesn't directly articulate with the carpal bones. The triangular fibrocartilaginous complex (TFCC) is located between the ulna and carpals. With the disc, the radius bears 60% of loading; without the disc, the radius transmits 95% of the loading.

  • Contoured wrist splint provides firm support to stabilize wrist joint without limiting finger motion.

  • The easy-fasten reinforced strap helps hold splint to wrist.

  • Multistage adjustment creates separate modules for different hand areas.

  • Pleasant inner layer for convenient wearing and removal.

  • Meticulous binding offers comfort without friction or chafing.

  • Insert splint into splint pocket corresponding to injured side.
    Follow "R" and "L" marks. OPPO logo should face downward when splint is inserted.

    ˇ°Make sure to close the pocket completely with turn-ups to keep splint secure.

  • Place hand through inner layer of brace. Slip thumb through hole and position splint on center of palm.

  • Secure hook and loop fasteners on back of hand. Wrap and secure the reinforced strap to desired compression.

  • Make sure brace fits snugly but not tightly. Splint should be centered on palm.

    ˇ° After you complete the wearing instructions, the OPPO logo location may vary depending on your body shape or the side of wearing.

  • This product helps keep neutral wrist position and relieves pain. The wrist splint and reinforced strap provide extra support and increase joint stability, keeping you from further injuries. Itˇ¦s suitable for daily use or exercise.


Measure around thinnest part of wrist joint.

One Size
14.0 - 22.9 cm (5 1/2 - 9")
FIBER CONTENTS 41% Nylon, 24% Polyester, 24% Foam, 5% PP, 4% Neoprene, 2% Elastane