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Elbow joints include ulnohumeral, radiohumeral and superior radioulnar joints. Numerous ligaments surround the joint capsule. The elbow joint itself is a simple hinge joint, consisting of the humerus, ulna and radius. The humerus and ulna bone shaft form an angle, called the "carrying angle". Normal carrying range angle is about 10˘X to 15˘X, with a higher degree among females than males on average.

  • Peanut-shaped pad provides compression to reduce tension of elbow muscle.

  • Lined bumps offer continual massaging effect that boosts circulation.

  • Adjustable hook and loop strap for greater tension.

  • Meticulous binding offers comfort without friction or chafing during movement.

  • Wrap around elbow with peanut-shaped pad on muscle belly of forearm.

  • Thread strap through buckle and secure hook and loop to desired compression.

    ˇ° After you complete the wearing instructions, the OPPO logo location may vary depending on your body shape or the side of wearing.

  • This product supports elbow muscles and relieves pain. The peanut-shaped pad provides compression to injured area, keeping you from further injuries. Itˇ¦s suitable for daily use or exercise.


Measure around elbow joint.

One Size
17.8 - 33 cm (7 - 13")
FIBER CONTENTS 43% Nylon, 28% Polyester, 24% Foam, 5% EVA